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Apex 2.0 2-Pack

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ZeroBelow Sizing Chart

 Product Line S M L XL
Apex 72cm 76cm 80cm 84cm
Apex 2.0 72cm 76cm 80cm 84cm
Gaia 62cm 70cm 78cm 86cm
Spry 64cm 68cm 72cm 76cm
Product ships from the 16th Dec 2023

Apex 2.0, the ultimate choice in men's active outdoor underwear, offers superior performance for any athletic activity. With its super low waist fit and optimized design for running, biking, and urban sports, this premium undergarment ensures you stay comfortable and focused on your outdoor pursuits. Its modern design provides superior comfort and style, making it a must-have for any active lifestyle. Improved breathability keeps you fresh and dry, even during the most demanding activities.

So, lift up your outdoor experience to new heights with Apex 2.0, the perfect blend of solace and style for the modern adventurer.

Features -
  • Ultimate Durability: Apex 2.0 is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, making it the perfect choice for adventurous souls who love hiking, trekking, and camping.
  • Superior Comfort: Featuring a unique, slightly loose hip fit, it offers unparalleled comfort during outdoor activities, ensuring you can move freely and confidently.
  • Performance and Style: This innovative underwear blends top-tier performance with a modern design, making it an essential addition to your active lifestyle.
  • Tailored for Athletic Pursuits: With a low waist fit and optimized design for running, biking, and urban sports, Apex 2.0 is ideal for those with active lifestyles.
  • Contemporary Design: Apex 2.0 combines form and function for a stylish look that elevates your outdoor wardrobe.
  • Enhanced Breathability: Stay fresh and dry, even during the most strenuous outdoor activities, thanks to improved breathability.
Product Care -
  • Annual Replacement: While designed for lasting comfort, it's recommended to replace Apex 2.0 annually, as wear and tear can occur after a year of regular use in demanding outdoor conditions.
  • Air Dry: To maximize longevity, air dry the underwear after each use. Allowing it to breathe helps retain its freshness.
  • Wash After Every Two Wears: For optimal maintenance, wash the underwear after every two wears. This not only conserves water and resources but also maintains the fabric's integrity, ensuring it remains a reliable companion for your adventures throughout the year.

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